Local Leaders Gather To Honor The Late Slug (Hilbert) Radtke

Today I published a page with a Peshtigo Times article about the Slug Radtke memorial gathering. Here is a link.

Winter is Coming!!

October 2020

We have had an unusually cold fall.  Personally I think that we are in for a winter a lot like last year with plenty of snow.

Right now is the time to be thinking about getting ready for snowmobiling.

The first order of business is to join a snowmobile club and get your snowmobiles registered and get your trail passes going.

In my case I am going to have two snowmobiles going this winter. I paid my membership with the Sno-Cruisers and received my membership card. I can now go to the AWSC web site (Link) and get my trail passes for $10 each with the number on my club membership card.

My cost if I just bought the two trail passes at the gas station would be $60. My way I got to join the club and support snowmobiling, and I saved $3. The more snowmobiles that you get trail passes for, the more that you save.

Out of state riders can get in on the savings too. By registering your snowmobiles in WI ($30 for 2 years) you accomplish a couple of things. First of all trail funding is based on the number of snowmobiles registered in WI. At that point you are helping the clubs and trails with extra funding. You don’t need to be a WI resident.

Next up you are eligible to get the discount trail passes by joining a club like I did. Out of state trail passes are $50 per snowmobile. By registering the snowmobiles in WI and joining a club you can save a pile of money and do a lot to support the sport.

Start by going to our membership page, printing the form out, and sending it in.

Keep in mind that you need to plan ahead. It takes time for our volunteer club secretaries to process memberships and get your card out with your secret AWSC number that entitles you to the discounted trail passes. it also takes time for the AWSC to process the trail pass applications and get the stickers out to you. Don’t wait until it snows, start today.

Helpful Links

Bear Point Sno-Cruisers Membership Page

AWSC Trail Pass Page

WI DNR Snowmobiling Trail Pass Page

WI DNR Snowmobiling Page– Registration links, Snowmobile fatality information, and rider safety classes